The Half Full Side of Health Care, aka ACA

While tempers rise to the topic of health care and its associated costs, a refreshingly thoughtful piece about the upside of what the law offers employers appeared on recently.  Jennifer Benz gives employers sound advice on how to use the law to enhance employees’ understanding and appreciation for the costs and benefits employers provide in their health plans.
Unless people have attempted to buy health insurance on their own, they aren’t likely to have more than a vague idea of the cost and value of plans employers provide for them.  The changes brought about by the law allow employers an opportunity to discuss those costs and values with employees.  You can leverage the money you are already spending on health insurance to educate your employees and increase their loyalty.
While it’s not addressed in the article, it may also be an opportunity to explain other mandated benefits like the 7.5% of earnings you contribute to most employees’ retirements through FICA, as well as employer-born benefits like unemployment insurance.  Making employees aware of the generally hidden costs of employment will also help make them better informed about the realities of business.  That understanding can only help everyone in the long run.


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