A New Tool, New Risks

Instagram is an online photo/video sharing and social networking service started in San Francisco in October 2010. Purchased by Facebook in April 2013 for approximately $1 Billion in cash and stock it is a testament to both the power of social networking and the wealth waiting to be tapped as our online lives continue to evolve. Among other employers, Marriott has done well using it to recruit new employees.
It is also recognized as an effective engagement tool project a positive image of your organization. However if you find yourself in its thrall for recruiting, be sure you also have a presence on the traditional social networking sites as well. Because it is popular, at least for now, among people in their twenties or younger, using it exclusively could open you up to an age discrimination problem.
Also because it is oriented around photography, you run all the risks of property rights and consent for photographers and subjects in the photos as well as revealing sensitive information in your workplace.
For more information about the risks and rewards of using Instagram, click here.


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