When I Grow Up I Want to be…

The earlier post on Words referred to an article that linked to O*Net. O*Net is a fascinating tool no matter where you find yourself in your career. Whether you are looking to begin a career, in a job search, or in the hiring business, this is a tool worth exploring.
For college students looking to find a productive career path, simply do an occupation search. For example searching “medical doctor” returns a page filled with information beginning with subcategories. Anesthesiologists lead the list alphabetically, but also are identified as having a “Bright Outlook”, meaning the field is expected to grow rapidly.
Scrolling down the page you’ll find the tasks, tools and technology, knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, and context involved in being an anesthesiologist.  The format is the same for most careers. Exploring further you’ll discover more personal characteristics to see if your personality and background is a fit.
At the bottom of the page you’ll find information on wages and employment trends as well as links to current job openings.
There are much more sophisticated ways to search the database. As the link in the earlier post suggested, one way for mid-career job seekers to use it is to look up the job and read the personal characteristics listed to discover more descriptive terms to apply to yourself in an interview.
This site is a valuable resource for anyone, student, employer or employee.


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