Servers: The Season is Here!

Catering season is taking off and we’re looking for experienced servers to staff events throughout wine country in both Sonoma and Napa Valleys. You’ll need to have experience serving in fine/formal dining venues and reliable transportation. If you’re ready to bring your skills and experience into some of the finest places on earth, call us now!
American Canyon (707) 552-7800 or Sonoma (707) 939-2800


2 thoughts on “Servers: The Season is Here!

  1. I am interested in doing PT for extra income, I can mainly do Friday’s and Saturday’s will this work? Can I go to the Office in American Canyon and fill out an application or how should I go about it?

    1. Hello Cristina,
      You can apply by going to our website, then click on job seeker scroll down then click on apply. You can also attach your resume to your application. Once received, we will review and call you if more information is needed or an appointment to come in is to be set.
      Camila Matthews
      BOLT Staffing Office Assistant

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