In my last post, I recounted my childhood struggle with ratatouille.   Now, I love it so much I decided to take it to a new level.   While we had a lousy year for fruits and tomatoes, eggplant was aplenty in some gardens and my friend Laura’s was no exception.  She gave me a few of the last crop before the freeze hits this week.  They were the inspiration for the following recipe.  I am quite proud of it since it’s one of my inventions.  It is simple and delicious and takes about an hour to prepare.    I made this for a small mid-week dinner party and my guests were so satisfied they seranaded us with their piano playing and singing after supper.
Saute the veggies, just like the grit, grit gooey recipe I last wrote.  I began by slicing the eggplant in 1/4 inch pieces and sweat them while I cooked the other vegetables.
In a thick bottom stew pot (le Creuset is ideal) Slice some pieces of pancetta ( I buy from Vella cheese in a nice thick roll) and brown, like making bacon bits.  Save leftover fat for frying the pork.
Brown 1/2-3/4  inch slices of pork tenderloin steaks
Drain any unwanted fat and put it all together in the same pot.  Simmer for 10 minutes or until the pork is just cooked.  Do not cook too long or you’ll dry the pork  and beat up the vegetables.
Serve with your favorite starch – I made it with mashed potatoes.  THIS IS DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS AND SATISFYING!


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