Solano WIB Job Fair

The Solano Workforce Investment Board held a Job Fair October 6. The event was very well organized and very well attended.  There were over 30 employers present. We took over 170 resumes and we were impressed with the caliber of people attending.  If you left us your resume we are working hard to match you with your next employer!
The event was a great opportunity for us to see what works for job seekers, since we saw lots of people.  The people who stood out in our minds were prepared: not only did they bring their resumes with them, they also were dressed as if they were ready to talk to a potential employer. Their questions were on point and their manner reflected their readiness to get down to business.
In addition to people who dress and act as though they are ready to go to work, the successful applicants know the difference between two other “P” words: persistence and pushy. A persistent job seeker knows how to ask questions clearly and assertively without going overboard.
Remember, employers are looking for people to help their businesses grow.  They want to see someone who is able to achieve a goal without raising the hackles of customers or co-workers.  Pleasant, friendly follow up is welcome and reflects well on you. Annoying pestering doesn’t.
Please see the article below about follow up.  The short version is if you have something useful for your prospective employer or staffing agency, by all means make sure they know it. On the other hand if your call or follow up is focused on you and your wants, it’s much better not to bother. It’s natural to feel pressure to find a job, but never put the pressure you’re feeling on a potential employer. If they find you troublesome as a prospect, they’d be crazy to hire you.
Being on task is never more important than when you are looking for a job. Remember employers are looking for what you can do for them.  Show them the courtesy they deserve by respecting their time and their interest in you.  Beware of abusing it.


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