USCIS Updates Form I-9 Guidance for Employers

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recently published a revised version of the I-9 Handbook for Employers (the M-274). The goal of the revision is to provide additional guidance in areas that caused confusion for employers. The content of Form I-9 did not change.
Several areas of the handbook were tweaked, including sections pertaining to rehiring an employee and reverifying an employee’s authorization. A staffing firm may rehire an employee within three years from when the form is completed without having to complete a new Form I-9. However, upon each rehire within such a three-year period, the employer must inspect the Form I-9 and determine that the form relates to the individual and that the individual is still authorized to work.
Additionally, USCIS made a minor change to the reverification instructions by adding, “You must reverify the employee on a new Form I-9 if the version of the form you used for the previous verification is no longer valid. Please check for currently valid Form(s) I-9.”
Essentially, USCIS wanted to clarify that using old versions of the form is prohibited for reverification of employment authorization.
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Anne Duffy, ASA Staffing Week


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