Take a Bagel Break on BOLT!!

How about taking a break with a dozen free bagels from the finest bagel shop on earth!  We’ll bring along some of the gourmet spreads and shmears to enjoy with your Homegrown Bagels
It’s easy to enter!  Here’s how:
(1)  In the next few days we’ll begin leaving flyers with instructions to enter our Bagel Break Giveaway during each of our sales calls!  There will be a raffle ticket attached to the flyer.  Just let us know who you are, what company you work for, and what kind of skills your company uses temporary services to supply you with. You can fax the info back to us at 707-552-6364, or send an email containing the info to recruiter@boltstaffing.com.  Keep your ticket.  Each week we will draw and post the winning number on our website, www.boltstaffing.com
(2)  You can also enter simply by forwarding this month’s Constant Contact email to someone you know who would benefit from BOLT’s services.  Not on our mailing list to get the email?  Just send an email to recruiter@boltstaffing.com telling us to put you on the list and we’ll enter you just for asking!
If you’d like to call for a visit to learn how you can boost your staff productivity (and get a ticket!), give us a shout:  707-552-7800!
Every week is a new drawing! We’ll be drawing for our first winner September 9th.


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