Stuffed Squid Anyone?

There is nothing like a trip to France to motivate me to try new recipes.  The French have their hot meal at lunch time and dinner is less substantial.  During this past trip we spent several days with in Brittany where my uncle goes out fishing on his boat every morning.  The English Channel must be a nice place to live for sea life because I was amazed by the variety and bounty of seafood at the weekly market.  “Daurade” (porgy) and mackerel are common along with mussels, shrimp, crab and scallops.  I had never attempted to stuff a squid, but that’s what I did a few weeks ago to prepare an delightful lunch for my family.  Squid prepared this way is nothing like the fried calamari found at most restaurants.  I suggest buying the squid precleaned because it was labor intensive at home and hardly worth the 30 minutes that reminded me of junior high biology class.
The recipe I made is from an excellent cookbook I have called French Country Cooking, by Anne Hughes-Gilbey.  It is called Calmars Farci and it has two different versions:  One is a Catalan stuffing and the other is Provencal style.  Both were excellent.


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