Gas Pains

May 12 is Bike to Work Day.  As the gas pump seems to be draining our wallets more and filling our tanks less, this year the annual pedaller’s affair takes on new meaning.  Having to confront the realities of inflation means we all need to be thinking of new ways to stretch our incomes.  It might be time to encourage your employees to think outside their transportation box.

As the dollar continues to slip in value it looks like we’ll be seeing even higher prices.  The pressure on all of us will only increase. What was once a $100/mo. gas bill is climbing to $200 with every prospect of going higher still. It’s been said that most bankruptcies could be prevented with an additional $200 a month.  It’s easy to see the impact that’s coming down on all of us.

Do you encourage alternative transportation?  Did you know there are some creative minds taking today’s technology to the front lines of the gas war? Check out Zimride for a fresh approach to matching drivers and passengers. If you’re in American Canyon, American Canyon Transit has added routes, extended service hours and destinations and increased frequency.

In other cities it might be worthwhile contacting local transit agencies to see what routes and alternatives are available. Publishing the alternatives in your workplace along with ride sharing information are ways for you to help your employees control their expenses and take the pressure off your company.

Ultimately, it’s up to us to adapt to the new economic realities. Fortunately we don’t have to face them alone. Do you have any useful ideas? Send them along to or just leave a comment below, and we’ll publish them in future emails.


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