BOLT Staffing Fire Update

Dear Clients, Employees, and Vendors: I send a somber greeting your way from a shaken, but united Wine Country. I am thankful for all the emergency crews working to save our lives and homes and for BOLT’s internal staff that continues coordinating clients and employees during this crisis. Our thoughts and prayers are with those… Read more »

Failure Is a Learning Experience (If You’re Willing to See it That Way) – Part I

(Note – This is the first in a short series of blogs highlighting the importance of failure as a key component of learning.) Earlier this year, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, gave a commencement speech during which he expressed hope that the young graduates would experience some sort of failure. Why?… Read more »

There's Still Time to Work Sonoma Raceway

We are so grateful for all of our team members who have been working at the Sonoma Raceway, and all of our events thus far this year.  We have heard many reports amongst you, that the Sonoma Raceway’s Catered Events are popular and fun assignments, so if you want the opportunity to work their events… Read more »

INDYCAR Is Here at Sonoma Raceway and BOLT Staffing Wants You!

This is the final week of the year for the Sonoma Raceway!  Working at the raceway’s in-house Levy Restaurant is a fun, upscale, and social experience, and the last week at their event is bound to be a full house!  The Bolt Staffing recruitment team is expecting new and seasoned NASCAR/NHRA catering professionals alike to… Read more »

Spotlight Position – Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) Furnace Operator ($17.75/hour, Temp to Hire)

Do you like operating complex machinery? Do you have significant mechanical industrial experience? Are you a fast learner? If so, a customer located in Vallejo is looking for a candidate who can operate and maintain high productivity vacuum induction melting furnaces, in which a variety of metals are melted down and processed. This is a… Read more »

Rotoflex Pioneer – Fantastic Opportunity

Do you have experience working on a bottling line or in quality control? Are you looking for a position that includes the possibility of working overtime?  If you answered “yes” to these questions, and you possess strong math skills, a major Napa Valley organization is looking to hire an operator for its Rotoflex press machines… Read more »

Spotlight Position – Operations/Supply Chain Manager for a Wine Country Organization

If working at a fast pace is your goal and you have a BS in business along with five years experience in supply chain management, this position could be the perfect opportunity you’ve been dreaming about. Read on. The organization purchases bulk wine and grapes; bottles it for a variety of nationwide clients; and then… Read more »

Spotlight Position – Controller for a Wine Country Organization

Are you an experienced accountant (5 years or more)? Do you excel at Excel spreadsheets and related tasks? Do you have what it takes to be in charge of an accounting department? If you can answer “yes” to these questions, BOLT Staffing would like to speak with you about an amazing job opening in Napa.… Read more »

Attention Job Seekers!

1. Do you want “variety” as part of the job description? If you answered “ yes”, please continue. 2. Do you have experience in government administrative work? If you answered “yes”, please, continue. 3. Are you seeking long-term, temporary employment working a minimum of 40 hours week in San Francisco? If you answered “yes” then… Read more »

Serving at the Track: What It's Like – by Scott Crossen, Guest Editor

When serving at the racetrack, anything can happen. You could have an hour of downtime watching the race, and then have several hours of nonstop movement. Passing out appetizers, working a buffet line, and chatting it up with different guests. It is definitely a long day, but it’s also very rewarding! Seeing the look of… Read more »