BOLT staffs homeless shelters for the Napa County Government

The Coronavirus has dominated our lives for the last 6 weeks, but we still don’t know much about it. We do know that it’s a massive public health crisis. We also know that social distancing seems to be a good way of stemming the virus’s spread. So far, all 50 states have reported Coronavirus cases.… Read more »

Is it time for a career change?

In most jobs, some days feel like a drag. For some people it’s the end of the year mailing that requires all hands on deck. For others, it’s the cold calls that you have to make to try to sell your product. Unfortunately, few jobs are completely perfect. But how do you know if your… Read more »

Bolt in the Community: Vintage House

Recently, Joanne and Lisa of Bolt Staffing gave a presentation on “Re-Entering the Workforce.” The one-hour event was an overwhelming success. The two Bolt employees made attendees feel confident about beginning their job search. The event took place at The Vintage House of Sonoma— a non-profit organization which provides a space for its members to… Read more »

Workplace Precautions for the Coronavirus

Although Bolt Staffing has no medical doctors on staff, we wanted to reach out to our clients with a bit of information about the Coronavirus, and share some of our best practices when managing employees that are under the weather. Most importantly: We want to remind you that it is in your company’s best interest… Read more »

Daylight Savings!

This post is dedicated to a compilation of Daylight Savings jokes. Enjoy. Oh, and change your clocks on Sunday, March 8 at 2am. Please. Humans are silly. Humans are really really silly. Yup. If we’re going to have this holiday, we may as well do it right. You’re welcome. Know yourself. And finally, Goodnight, folks!… Read more »

W.o.W (6): Accepting the job offer!

You’ve made it through the resume check, the phone screen, and the in-person interview. You’re sitting on the couch watching tv when you get a phone call. On the other end of the line, you hear “Congratulations!”.  Your recruiter tells you that you got the job and will be receiving an official offer soon! You… Read more »

Achieving work-life balance

contract work

We are constantly connected—always on our phones refreshing our emails, responding to texts from clients, and juggling a social life on the side.  Some employers expect you to respond to emails late at night even though you’d much rather be sitting down for dinner with your family. These expectations make it really difficult to achieve… Read more »

How to write a professional email

It might surprise you to know that kids aren’t learning how to write proper emails in school. Email is an older technology and can sometimes feel outdated, but it is still widely used in the workforce. Most companies communicate with their employees over email. In addition, many recruiters use email to interact with candidates. Here… Read more »

W.o.W. (5): Nailing the interview

Hey folks! We’re back with part five of our job search series, “Words of Wisdom (W.o.W.)”. This week, we’re helping you nail the in-person interview. We already covered your resume, your elevator pitch, and your outfit, now it’s time to think about making a good impression when you meet your interviewer. Step 1: Self-Check When… Read more »

Wine + Global Warming = :(

We’re constantly talking about climate change in the face of California’s wildfires and the current election. We use the words “climate change” to explain the unexplainable like the bizarrely warm days that pop up in January and February. Beyond the devastating fires, what other impacts does climate change have in California? Well, for one, we… Read more »