Surprises: Eligible to Work?

We verify the social security numbers of all the people we place.

Keys to success: References

Solid references could be the one factor that separates you from other candidates when a prospective employer is making a job offer.  At Bolt Staffing, we have a no references:  no hire policy.  We will not bring on anyone for our job assignments without them.  Here are some important things to keep in mind: Have… Read more »

We're like everyone else…

We like to hear nice things…. Hello Joanne, I would like to thank you for making me feel like I am welcome into your company, and that you are more importantly, willing and able to help me along the way. Before I appled to your company, I read the about us tab on your website.  After… Read more »

Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Writing effective job descriptions is part art, part science. The difference between a good job description and a great job description can mean the difference between recruiting average and exceptional talent. So to steal a line from author Jim Collins, how do you go from “Good to Great”? Here are a few essentials to crafting… Read more »