Too Busy Cooking….

It’s been more than a month since my last post….I’m failing in the New Year’s Reso department.  There are so many recipes and menus to share I don’t know where to begin.  On Memorial Day, I served brunch for the Consul General of France and other special guests.  We managed to dodge the rain that… Read more »

A Voice in the Wilderness?

Fear of loss is one of the most powerful human motivators.  It is unparalleled in rousing people to action.  Recently, Sonomans were confronted with the specter of losing our city’s charm to the dreaded “big box”.  Before the entire city follows the staff and some members of the council off in a stampede to choke… Read more »

Jobs We've Recently Filled (6/14/11)

Here’s a sample of the kinds of jobs we’ve filled in the past few weeks.  If you’re still looking, hang in there. Things continue to improve.  If you’d like to know about other jobs we’ve filled give us a call, 707-552-7800.  For a current listing of jobs we are recruiting for click here. Congratulations to… Read more »

Success: What You Don't Say is Important!

HERE’S WHAT NOT TO SAY ON BUSINESS PHONE CALLS! Whether you are a secretary, receptionist, sales person or executive, the way in which you handle the telephone can go a long way toward determining your success or failure. The following phrases should never be used by themselves during business calls with a customer, colleagues, clients… Read more »

Punch Bowl Revival

Living in Wine Country, we don’t see a lot of punch served at parties. Most of my friends don’t own a punch bowl set and neither did I until recently. We served lunch yesterday after my daughter’s First Communion. My friend Laura found this recipe on Epicurious and it’s a winner. She encouraged me to… Read more »

Of Kids and Dough

Today my husband and I and fellow parent baked bread with 24 second graders at St Francis Solano School in preparation for their First Holy Communion.  It was a fun project because the kids were so eager to participate.  There was only one child who tasted the dough, and he didn’t do it twice!  I like getting kids… Read more »

Gas Pains

May 12 is Bike to Work Day.  As the gas pump seems to be draining our wallets more and filling our tanks less, this year the annual pedaller’s affair takes on new meaning.  Having to confront the realities of inflation means we all need to be thinking of new ways to stretch our incomes.  It might… Read more »

Court Sanctions EEOC in Staffing Firm Lawsuit

A Michigan federal court recently issued a stinging rebuke of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s aggressive litigation practices, ordering the agency to pay more than $750,000 in attorneys’ fees, expert witness fees, and court costs to staffing firm Peoplemark Inc., which is not an ASA member. After three years of investigation, the EEOC sued… Read more »

Busy Day Dessert

It’s hard to believe local strawberries have ripened in all the lousy weather we’ve had this Spring.  But they did and from now until Father’s Day, I will serve them as often as possible.  My friend Laurie says strawberries harbor pesticides so she buys organic.  I know of several locally managed fields from Santa Rosa to American… Read more »

Italian Style Stuffed Red Peppers

Utter the words red peppers and automatically, kids snicker and whine, convinced their mouths will be set on fire at the dinner table. Most stuffed pepper recipes don’t have enough ingredients my kids really like so I decided to invent one myself.  My son loves Orzo.  Red peppers were on sale recently and they are… Read more »