Take Your Breaks – You’ll Perform Better!

by Monica Menco, Assistant to the President A new USC study which focused on behaviors that improve or deplete participant performance found that performance improved when the participants took regular breaks. While this study focused on teams of people playing online games, the results could have wider-ranging implications for anyone performing tasks, including those at… Read more »

What’s the Best Attitude to Bring to Your Job Interview?

Should you be calm and collected, or wildly enthusiastic, or somewhere in the middle? According to a new study out of Stanford University, Unites States employers of today seem to value enthusiasm over serenity during the interview process.  That in turn could place applicants who come from cultures that favor calmness in social settings, at… Read more »

BOLT Staffing Offices Will Be Closed in Observance of Labor Day

Summerland Beach, California Coast

Please note that BOLT Staffing offices  will be closed on Monday, September 3rd, in observance of the Labor Day holiday. No matter what your plans are for this weekend, BOLT Staffing wishes you a safe and peaceful Labor Day.  In case of emergency, please call 707.666.4935.

Manufacturing Wage Suppression through the Lens of a Staffing Agency

by Andrew Noerr, Sourcing Specialist Here at BOLT Staffing, we strive to achieve the best balance possible of submitting quality employees to local companies while also providing the workers with the best possible employment experience through our management, wide array of open opportunities, and compensation for jobs. We also stay informed about the issues facing… Read more »

BOLT Staffing – Mid-July Staffing Report & Current Openings

by Andrew Noerr, Sourcing Specialist As the summer has continued to bring steady heat and sunshine, BOLT Staffing has continued to provide consistency in filling a wide range of positions for our diverse clientele! Halfway through July, hospitality and labor staff has been in very high demand, and BOLT has led the pack in providing… Read more »

California Job Growth Outlook to 2024

by Monica Menco, Would you like to know which job categories are expected to grow the most in the next several years? Take a look at this EDD website: Here are the top five jobs with the fastest growth rate: 1. Brick and Block Masons 2. Roofers 3. Web Developers 4. Software Developers 5.… Read more »

BOLT Staffing – June Staffing Report & Current Openings

Get ready everyone – the summer is upon us! Hotter weather, more cookouts… and more jobs! The busiest time of the year for many local companies happens during the summer months. Demands peak for products and services all throughout the Bay Area during the summer, and it is no different in the staffing industry. As… Read more »

How College Students benefit from BOLT

by Andrew Noerr, Sourcing Specialist In today’s economic landscape, even amidst a strong market in numerous sectors, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to corral the rising costs of higher education for students and plan for the future. Crippling debt, competition to gain experience via internships, and the sheer amount of stress from committing to… Read more »

New CA Supreme Court Decision a Potential Boon for the Staffing Industry (Final Part of a Multi-Part Series)

As the first two parts of this article indicated, the application of the ABC test creates a daunting standard when it comes to classifying a worker as an independent contractor. That’s where the California staffing industry can make its presence felt. Staffing agencies can be a perfect resource for companies that wish to hire temporary workers, skilled… Read more »

New CA Supreme Court Decision a Potential Boon for the Staffing Industry (Part II of a Multi-Part Series)

So here’s the new “ABC Test” the United States Supreme Court has developed to determine if a worker is an independent contractor: “(A) that the worker is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity in connection with the performance of the work, both under the contract for the performance of the work… Read more »