What to Look for In the Job Application Process

Employers will be facing increasing challenges finding qualified candidates. As every baby boomer departs the workforce the number of qualified candidates shrinks not only as a result of the experience the old timers take with them, but also because of the sheer force of numbers.  Some 78 million boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. As each boomer reaches retirement age, the number of job vacancies increases and the pool of available workers decreases.
This is a potential gold mine for younger people qualified to fill those vacancies and an enormous hurdle for employers looking to hire the best people.
The result of all this is that savvy employers are looking for creative ways to attract talent. One way is simple courtesy. Like other obvious things, it is often hidden in plain sight. Here is an article about how such employers start their relationship with new talent on the right foot.
For employers these are simple steps that give your candidates the best possible experience with your organization regardless of whether or not they join it. In the competitive arena of recruiting these small touches may make the difference in succeeding in landing the best candidates.
For people looking for a job these are signs that the company you are talking with is well worth your time.


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