Faster. Easier. Local.

At BOLT Staffing, we’ve designed our service process to make staffing easier. From personal visits to pre-employment orientation and training, to performance guarantees, BOLT is dedicated to making your staffing experience easier and less stressful.

How do we make staffing easier?

Local support – When you have a staffing issue, you can talk directly with someone from our local office. We believe in building relationships and strong communication, which starts with a personal visit to learn firsthand your recruiting challenges.

Market knowledge – We focus specifically on the Bay Area. We understand where to source talent, and we know what other companies are paying. We use our job market knowledge to help you develop the right staffing strategy to lure top talent to your organization.

Bay Area trends – We know the Bay Area labor market better than anyone. We follow employment trends closely and adjust our recruiting strategies as needed to source hard-to-find temporary and full-time employees.

Faster results – Staffing needs can’t wait. When you need help, our local recruiters maintain a pool of active candidates to fill your job order.

Less headaches – Staffing is a people business. While we can’t promise to be perfect, when an issue does arise, you can rest assured we are accessible 24/7 to offer a solution.

Need to hire?

If you have staffing needs, contact us at 707-552-7800 or click here to place an order. We will respond on the same or next business day.

Need More Information?

We are a member of the American Staffing Association (ASA).  ASA offers objective information on topics like the Affordable Care Act, OSHA and other important matters as they affect the relationship between clients and staffing agencies and agency employees. Click here to learn more about our mutual responsibilities as well as other important and useful information for clients.